Mind Games With Inspirational Mindreaders

Marc Salem

Mark Salem, one of the world’s greatest mind-readers, was star turn at Tabula Mentis XV – a twice-yearly get-together of some of the greatest minds in mentalism.  His two-hour lecture on the skills and techniques that he employs to help him read minds was a real master-class; combining subtle yet simple techniques that I will making great use of in my future performances.

Marc wasn’t the only stunning lecturer to take part in the day.  Brian Barne’s expose of the classic blindfold card reading techniques employed by Al Koran will certainly be a part of my new show – though with tarot cards I think.  And both Ben Cardell and Peter Turner were inspirational in their approaches to the black art of mind-reading.

Psycrets Meeting In Birmingham

TabulaMentisXVDiscovering more secrets from the world of mentalism (that’s mind-reading to most of us) at Tabula Mentis, a gathering of the great and the good from the world of magic, in Birmingham. Organised by the Society of Mystery Entertainers the day always inspires me with fresh ideas to use in my own shows.  I will outline a little of what I discover in my next post.


Thinking of training to be a hypnotherapist? Here’s a word of warning.

I’ve just received an email from a new hypnotherapy training company.  And I am worried.  Very worried.  The trainers appear to have less than two years experience as therapists – and now they are seeking to train others!

If you are one of the hundreds of people who are planning to train as a hypnotherapist in what is already an over-crowded profession then do make sure that the people who want to offer you training have sufficient experience in this field.

Talk to other established therapists and ask them where they trained and who they would recommend.  And then when you question your would-be trainers ask them to be honest about their own experience.  Personally I would want to see at least ten years’ experience as a therapist before handing over my money and time to a training company.

Magician & Storyteller

9fd5520f85d49c6b4e167e39f1783a9f Welcome to the blog zone of Nick Brunger, Magician & Storyteller; director of the Mansion of Mystery Escape Rooms at Picton Castle; proprietor of The Spooky Magic Company and award-winning guide for The Creepy Carmarthen Tour; not to mention performer of Strange Tales from the Darker Side, Creative Director of The Penny Dreadful Theatre and teller of Ghost Stories, appearing somewhere spooky near you.

Cool new video coming soon

James Button Video came to film a Creepy Carmarthen tour on Thursday night, taking lots of atmospheric shots during the course of the evening.  As soon as it is available for viewing I will post it here.  Take a look at James’s website to see some of the incredible – and often very funny – films he makes.

The next Creepy Carmarthen tour is on Thursday 27th March at 7pm.  Please book through the Tourist Information Office on 01267 231557.