And the castles just keep on coming…

I am delighted to be able to report that CADW (the Welsh version of the National Trust) has just asked me to perform Strange Tales from the Darker Side for two nights at Caerphilly Castle next February.  I’ve visited the castle grounds and walked around it many times but never actually been inside so I am hugely looking forward to appearing inside the building.  Before that I will have a lot of research to do so that I can find out relevant stories about the history of the castle to include in the Tales but, as always, that is great fun to do.  Dates and details to follow when  tickets become available.

Caerphilly Castle

Doomsday V

It was great to meet up with many of the UK’s top bizarre entertainers in Whitby at the weekend. Doomsday V is a gathering of like-minded entertainers who convene to demonstrate their own performances and share ideas and effects.  I had the privilege of lecturing on my approach to Gothic storytelling during the Sunday mornings session and managed to sell out of my lecture notes at the end of it.  As ever one of the most bizarre things about the Whitby weekend was the venue; Sneaton Castle is a convent and Christian convention centre.  If only they knew what was going in their theatre!!

Sneaton Castle