Amazing Storytelling Course

Michael Harvey


Last week’s storytelling course at the Bleddfa Centre for the Creative Spirit was great fun and hugely inspirational.  Michael Harvey (above) and Hazel Bradley were the course leaders with Malcolm Green and Vergine Gulbenkian visiting lecturers and performers.  It is the twentieth year this course has run and I can quite understand why five of those taking part were returning for their second or even third time.  I emerged cold and damp (that’s the last time I spend six nights camping in Wales) but hugely enthusiastic about the craft of the storyteller and keen to go out and practice it as often as possible.

Carmarthen’s Merlin Festival Today!

Carmarthen celebrates the world’s greatest magician today with all kinds of conjurers performing around the town centre.  The Merlin Festival brings together musicians, jugglers, magicians, face-painters and an animatronic dragon to provide free entertainment for the public.  Dan Parsons and I will be wandering about all over the place performing close-up magic – along with Den, Ioan and Sean who are junior members of the Carmathen Magic Circle.  Now, anyone know a good spell for dry weather?

Another Spooky Experience During The Creepy Town Tour

Spooked Lady


Castle House, the old Victorian police lock-up, always comes up trumps on the Creepy Carmarthen tour.  Last night this lady – who managed to smile about it afterwards – ran out of one of the old cells making choking noises towards the end of the tour.  She was badly shaken at the time, explaining that she had felt distinct pressure on her neck, forcing her head up and back.  It is not the first time that visitors have experienced weird stuff in this part of the building; others have felt a hand stroke their cheek, seen dark figures and even cuddled what they claim was the ghost of a crying child.  I wonder what tomorrow night’s tour will turn up ….

Tenby Ghostwalking

Tenby in colour


In a lively peak-season Tenby last night to join Marion Davies for The Ghost Walk of Tenby.  Her mix of folk-lore, myth, local history and ghost stories has been a popular attraction in the town for years. I came across a couple recently who go on the walk every year when they take their annual holiday in the town.  Marion is an accomplished spinner of yarns and tall tales and the ninety minutes or so spent in her company, along with around forty others, made this a night to remember. Warmly recommended if you ever find yourself at a loose end one night in Pembrokeshire.

September Dylan Thomas Weekend At Laugharne

Laugharne Browns Hotel


Waiting to find out where and when I will be appearing at the next of this year’s three Laugharne Weekends celebrating the town’s most famous son, Dylan Thomas.  I’ve chosen a picture of his favourite pub Brown’s Hotel but sadly there won’t be enough room in the bar for Strange Tales. So now I’m on the lookout for some suitably spooky stories about Dylan to incorporate into the evening.  I’ve already used the theme of his ghost story The Followers at the No Sign Bar recently so that might well be resurrected for the occasion.  The September “Weekend” is from September 19th – 21st.  More details on the website in due course at