It Was The Butler Who Did It


Enjoyed a lovely afternoon in the Carmarthenshire countryside following the footsteps of Henry Tremble – the butler who went bonkers and murdered his master. That’s his master in the picture, Judge John Johnns.  It is a wonderful story of foul murder, secret burials, a vicar’s curse and much more beside. All the gory details will be trotted out to our Carmarthenshire Ambassadors meeting next month.

Great Weekend At The Sheep Festival


And here is me looking suitably sheepish!  I had a really great time over the weekend exploring the horrible history of Llandovery at the annual Sheep Festival.  A nice mix of local and tourists walked with me to hear about the butler who went bonkers and murdered his master and all the other gory tales associated with the town.

Required Viewing For Every Tory MP


The government – having recently slashed 20% off the its budget – is asking the public to comment on the future of the BBC.  Politicians of every persuasion have tried to control our national broadcaster by tampering with the licence fee.  Cameron is doing it now, Blair did it when he was at Number 10 – but now the threat is a truly serious one.  For a balanced view of the role the BBC plays in the life of our nation – not just culturally but economically – it is worth spending 55 minutes of your time listening to Oscar nominated producer Armando Iannucci explaining just why the organisation needs investment rather than a budget cut.  Here’s the link to his lecture on You Tube – start 5.35 in to skip the intro