The New Leaflets Are Here


The 2017 Creepy Carmarthen Tour leaflets have just arrived, hot off the press – thanks to printers  Inky Little Fingers – and ready for distribution.  But just not yet.  Waiting for the next meetings of the Carmarthen Tourism Association to start handing them out.

Off To The Asylum…


… and probably not before time!   Delighted to have been invited to perform at The Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln this August.  Europe’s largest gathering of fans of the genre  takes place all around the town but with the old Asylum as its centrepiece.  I carry a souvenir of the Lawn Hospital, to give it its proper name, wherever I perform.  My old magical co-conspirator Graham Harper managed to purloin the keys to the building’s padded cell when the hospital closed.  He kept one for himself and gave me the other one which I use regularly when performing. Looking forward to trying it in the lock if it and the old cell can still be found.