More Great Feedback From Picton Castle


This just in from the Silverstone family:  “We came along to your magical Christmas on Saturday and I just wanted to let you know you definitely top our list of favourite Santa outings. We’ve been to a fair few grottos over the last few years but yours really stands out as being above and beyond magical.”

“The tour was wonderful from start to finish. The young elves were friendly and our tour guide really was a delight! His magic tricks were a real surprise.”

“Then, from the moment we entered the castle things could not have been Christmassy-ier! The place was decorated so beautifully, and the traditional games on the table was a brilliant idea while we were waiting to see Santa.”

“Then Santa himself – what can I say? Simply perfect! He had plenty of time, listening carefully, conversing with the children, and very willing to have his photo taken – even when our littlest tried to pull his beard!! And the gifts in the sock- just brilliant!”

“We thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You definitely provided us with plenty of Christmas magic. Thank you so much for such a magical day.”


Ho Ho Ho – exhausted but elated after a terrific final day to our Magical Weekend events at Picton Castle. Packed tours all day meant hard work for all our elves and for Santa, of course but the public response has been absolutely terrific.  Two great reviews just published online:  “Went for the Family Magical Christmas event and it was beautiful. The house was decorated beautifully and the staff were all friendly and made it a special occasion. As for Santa he was the best one I have EVER been to visit, he just topped the whole thing off brilliantly. Well done to all involved and thank you for your hard work to make it so special,” said one while the other added: “A beautiful setting for a very magical Christmas experience. The children were mesmerised and the attention to detail with the Santa experience was fantastic! They were particularly taken with the magic in the elves workshop!”  I just knew those children’s magic tricks would come in useful again one day.


Picton Castle’s Magical Christmas


I will be back at Picton Castle today as part of our Magical Family Christmas celebrations.  Last weekend’s try-out was a terrific success and surpassed all our expectations with some wonderful comments from the visitors.  Over the next couple of days we are going to be very busy with lots of magical fun conjuring up surprises for the children – not forgetting our wonderful Father Christmas – the best in Wales.

Harrowing Tales of Hangings

Gallows Guy MS

Just back from Carmarthen where I recorded a very short video for Wales Online to illustrate a fascinating article by reporter Ian Lewis headlined Harrowing tales of the hanging grounds of Wales’ oldest town.  He has uncovered some wonderful tales from those much crueller times when often very minor crimes were punished by a trip to the gallows.  New to me was the story of “Evans The Hangman” – the son of local solicitor who acted as sometime assistant to William Calcraft, an infamous bungler of his trade.  You can see the article and the video by clicking here.