Fantasic New Reviews

USWTSD 20-18 Cropped

A couple of great reviews of the Creepy Carmarthen Tour just posted on Trip Advisor.

Vin wrote: My partner and I went on Nick’s tour on Wednesday, He is a wonderful story teller and although we’ve lived in the county for over 30 years he told us stories and points of interest on buildings that we have never stopped to look at before. I would recommend it for locals and visitors alike. He was full of creepy tales and magic tricks that I’ve no idea how he did them. The walk goes at a gentle pace as he unravels his tales of misfortune and evil with some local history thrown in. It was great evening thank you.  

Kirsty added: We live in the area and decided to take the tour to learn more about Carmarthen and because it seemed fun. The guide is excellent, engaging and knowledgeable. The magic tricks used to punctuate the tour were deftly done and excellently illustrative. He also revealed that my girlfriend is a witch, so definitely useful! (Burnt her at the stake the following weekend and now my cabbages are growing better.)


Whoops – Too Many Wynne’s In The Welsh Wireless World . . .

Radio set

. . . and I am so embarrassed!  I thought I had been emailing Wynne Evans at BBC Radio Wales to fix an interview only to discover there was no studio booking when I got to the BBC studios in Carmarthen.  Weirdly, I had mixed up Wynne Evans with Wyn Thomas at Radio Tircoed, a Swansea-based community station who was expecting to do a telephone interview with me.  Thanks to the BBC staff who were so patient in helping sort out my self-created mess and for lending me  a quiet corner so I could be interviewed by the non-BBC broadcaster.  In my defence we had heard heard that Wynne was interested in an interview too!



On BBC Radio Wales Today


Looking forward to being a guest on Wynne Evans show on BBC Radio Wales today talking about the new Creepy Carmarthen book.  I’m scheduled to be on just after the five o’clock news – peak “drive time” listening for those trapped in their cars during the evening commute home.  If you are outside the area you can, of course, catch me live-or-later on the BBC iPlayer.