Ghost Stories at Newton House

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Ah, ghost stories!  And this is just the right time of the year for telling them.  Lovely night at Newton House telling terrifying tales in front of a blazing log fire in the cafe.  But I nearly croaked!! Not that I was quite near death’s door but I clearly picked up a nasty bug which laid me low and gave me a really horrible sore throat.  I was genuinely afraid that I might lose my voice (it was touch and go) but thanks to ibroprufen, salt water gargles and Vocalzone I made it through to the end but performing with a raging temperature, wobbly legs and muggy head meant that the audience didn’t quite get the delivery I had rehearsed.  Luckily no one seemed to notice and one lady – clearly a fan – came up at the end and said how much she enjoyed the show.  She had seen several of my performances including Strange Tales. “You’re my hero,” she said, which made my night!!

So That Was Xmas . . .What Do We Do With The Rest Of The Holiday?

I hope you have had the most amazing Christmas this year.  But now that the big day is over those long, long holidays just stretch into the new year. So what to do when you’ve had your fill of computer games and endless repeats on TV? Why not give Picton Castle’s “Time Machine” escape room a go? Perfect for adults and older children with the added bonus of free entry to the Welsh Owl Garden and the castle’s grounds and gardens to blow away the cobwebs. Book now to gaurantee your place at

Magical Family Christmas . . . Final Few Days

We are now into the last few days of our 2019 Magical Family Christmas event at Picton Castle in Pembrokeshire.  This is the third year that we have run the event and by far and away the most successful thanks to our new on-line booking system.  It is so brilliant to be part of the Xmas experience for so many youngsters from this corner of Wales who just love the fantasy world we have created for them full of elves and pixies, snow and reindeer, and the most wonderful Santa Claus.  Oh, and me, of course, as the Toymaker performing dozens of magic shows for the families who visit.

Ooops . . . Forgot To Post Recently

Whoops – there has been the most enormous gap since I last posted.  It is not that I have had nothing to report, in fact quite the opposite, but I just got out of the habit.  So my blog has missed out on the opening of the Mansion of Mystery escape rooms, Halloween events at Picton Castle and Newton House, our amazing Magical Family Christmas experience and much, much more. It’s not quite 2020 yet but my new resolution is to keep all of this up-to-date.