New Creepy Tour Without The Ghosts

Halloween leaflet back 2019 v1

Children love the Creepy Carmarthen Tour.  Although I designed the storytelling walk with adults in mind I soon discovered that it was just as popular with the younger members of the family.  It shouldn’t really have been a surprise as the huge success of TV’s “Horrible Histories” has demonstrated that youngsters love it when history is brought alive through strange but true tales from the past. But I am very much aware that the one bit of the tour some kids are not so keen on are the ghost stories. So – when the lockdown ends and the tour returns – I am going to start a new creepy storytelling tour that leaves out the ghosty bits but still keeps all the gory stories the children love. To begin with I am going to offer it as a pre-booked tour for childrens parties during the daytime – after school (remember school?) or at weekends. For more details check my website or give me a call on 07752 438901.

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