We Can Wait

Covid-19 | New Scientist

I don’t think anyone is expecting the Prime minster to make any premature announcement on Sunday that he is lifting the coronavirus lockdown, though I expect there will be a few concessions to allow a little more freedom of movement.  At a guess we are going to be quarantined for the rest of the month.  It’s pretty frustrating for us all at the moment but one thing is certain – things will improve given time. In the meantime, to remind us all that those better times are not so very far away, Jake and Pippa have written just the right song for this moment in time.  It’s called We Can Wait and you can watch and listen by following this link to YouTube.  It’s part of a live web stream devoted to songs written about the pandemic and – rightly – closes the show.  It features Jodie Steele, Liam Doyle, Katie Birtill and Tosh Wangho-Maud and you can find it at one hour, forty-one minutes and twenty seconds in to the recording.  You can watch by clicking HERE.

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